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Bionette Slider Bionette Allergy Relief Device

Bionette Allergy Relief Device

Consider using Bionette before medications when you want relief from your nasal allergy symptoms. Bionette is a clinically proven, drug free, side-effect free, small and lightweight, easy-to-use medical device distributed in the UK and Ireland by Aston-Med Limited UK.

Licensed • Drug-free • Side-Effect free • Buy once and use year after year

Because Bionette does not contain any drugs, you do not have to worry about interactions with medication, over the counter antihistamines, or alcohol. Bionette is ready to go when you need it. Because it is a medical device, it lasts and lasts. Bionette can be used by anyone six years of age and older.

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Safe & EffectiveSafe & Effective

Bionette is Safe & Effective!To ensure the highest quality standards, Bionette is manufactured in an ISO 13485:CMDCAS registered manufacturing facility. Bionette is a Licenced Medical Device in the UK and