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Bionette Slider Safe & Effective

Safe & Effective

Bionette is Safe & Effective!
To ensure the highest quality standards, Bionette is manufactured in an ISO 13485:CMDCAS registered manufacturing facility. Bionette is a Licenced Medical Device in the UK and Ireland, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Asia, Brazil and Australia etc. Utilizing low-level narrow band red light technology, this anti-inflammatory, intra-nasal device effectively relieves hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, itching, runny or stuffed nose, headache and teary eyes.

Bionette is: Clinically proven Drug free Side-effect free treatment Small and lightweight Easy to use Clinically Proven Efficacy Bionette provides nasal allergy symptom relief caused by: tree pollens (Alder, Box Elder, Birch, American Elm, Mulberry, and Oaks) grass pollens (Bermuda Grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, Johnson Grass, Bahia, Orchard, Meadow Fescue, Rye Grass, Redtop, and Sweet Vernal) air transmitted flower and weed pollens (Ragweed, Dock, Golden Rod, Plantains, Sheep Sorrel, Thistle, Sagebrush and Nettles) spores, moulds, dust, animal dander, and other airborne sources of nasal inflammation. Bionette Use Instructions To use Bionette just squeeze it to turn on and place the lighted ends into your nostrils so it stays comfortably. It will stay in place by itself. Do not remove clear plastic prong protectors. Usage Frequency Bionette should be used two to three times a day during the week prior to the usual start of your nasal allergy season or upon the first appearance of hay fever symptoms. Like most nasal allergy treatments, it can take time to see improvement in symptoms. Many people feel improvement quickly. Maximum improvement is experienced by four weeks. Once improvement occurs, the frequency of use can gradually be reduced as required. Yes, you can start treatments before your season starts so you can have as symptom free allergy season as possible.
Yes you can use Bionette, everyday all year round to treat non-seasonal nasal allergies. Safe Bionette hay fever treatment is a clinically proven and safe method for treating hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Unlike antihistamines or other drugs for hay fever which can cause drowsiness, Bionette is completely free from side effects. Easy to use It is small, lightweight, not messy, and incredibly easy to use so that you can use it whenever pollen strikes for immediate relief. Small, Lighweight and convenient Bionette is just 5.2cm long, 4cm wide and weighs less than 20g. It is so small that you can take it everywhere in your pocket or purse. Batteries Bionette comes with batteries which last for approximately 80 treatments, and two spare batteries are included. Your device is ready to go when you receive it. If the light flashes when the device is turned on, it is time to change the batteries. Cleaning You can clean your Bionette by using an alcohol swab on the prongs and let it air dry. Do not put in dishwasher. 2 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee Bionette comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Leading Edge Medical Science Bionette was developed by a team of scientists and doctors specializing in phototherapy and photobiology. Bionette harnesses the healing power of Low-Level Narrow Band (“LLNB”) red light. It is clinically proven and its efficacy is supported by clinical and scientific data.

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